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Movies123 or 123Movies is definitely the most popular free movie streaming platform in the world and it's maintaining its position for a few years already. Wikipedia says that 123movie was created in 2015-2016 but we would suggest this thing happened a few years before the date provided by Wikipedia, from our experience because we've been around the online streaming industry for many years.

The first 123Movies ever created was 123Movies.To who published more than tens of thousands of movies and episodes that could be watched by people from all around the world, for free in HD quality without registration. This specific 123 Movies website managed to become the most popular in the world with over 1 million daily visitors at its best moment. None of the streaming sites succeeded to gain so much popularity since then.

Watching movies in today's times is not a big task anymore. You can now enjoy your favorite movies and shows anytime you want, without having to pay out even a single penny for it. Having so many streaming platforms on the internet, you might get confused about which one to pick! Well, today we are going to review one of the most famous streaming platforms available to the users. Due to several add-ons and features, this streaming site is doing so amazing these days! 

If you love watching movies online, Movies123 or 123 movies is the most ideal platform for streaming TV series online. Not just series, you can easily choose to download and watch all your favorite movies right from here! The best part of 123movies or Movies 123 is that it does not make any compromise in terms of quality. Also, the list of movies that you can get to see over here, is something that you won't be able to get elsewhere. If you are a big fan of online series and movies, and prefer watching new series and films online, this is the one for you! It offers the best deals to offer you in your leisure time. 

Not just this, it is one of the most inexpensive ways through which you can meet your thirst for movies and series! In case you are a die-hard lover of latest shows, you may choose binge watching right from here, and that too, at an absolute free of cost. The wide range of movies and shows that you can explore on this streaming platform is one of the reasons for which you can classify this place as one of the most alluring platforms for all kinds of genres. 

What makes Movies 123 so popular among the users?

Everyone loves to watch movies these days, isn't it? We have acknowledged the importance of streaming platforms even more since the time we have faced this pandemic situation. Movies 123 is one of the best deals in this category offering a good plethora of options to its users. If you love watching movies, you would no longer need to visit the theatre, but rather you can easily watch all your favorite shows at ease anytime you want with this! 

It saves your time while you are on the go! You do not require to carry an additional streaming device to have your exposure to this streaming platform, but rather you can continue watching any of your favorite shows right on your smartphone. The best part is that you can easily access your PC or laptop, and even your mobile device to see any of your TV shows and series whenever you feel like! Also, you will not have to bear any hassle of opening your account on this streaming platform, or need to subscribe in order to start enjoying its services. You can easily avail to see anything you wish to, with this service. 

Features of 123Movies or Movies123

With so many benefits, Movies 123 is regarded as one of the best streaming platforms available on the internet. You can start enjoying any show, TV series, or movies with an access to this streaming platform. Although it has quite a good number of reasons for being so famous, here are just a few to list down:

  • All your favorite shows and latest releases are available: Movies 123 comes with a good number of options when it comes to watching movies and TV shows. The best thing about this streaming platform is that you will be able to watch so many shows and films under a single roof. A lot of movies are available for watching soon after they are released. There are even a few shows that are available for your perusal much before they are released! 
  • Watch shows without even downloading: On Movies 123, you will not necessarily need to download all the shows or movies to watch! Rather, you can access watching them without even downloading, which means that you will be able to save quite a bit of time which you would otherwise have wasted in downloading and then watching it at a later time. 
  • No compromise in quality: While Movies 123 promises such a huge plethora of movies and shows to watch, you can stay assured that it does not make any compromise in terms of quality of the contents. Since you get to see such wonderful films and latest releases for free, quality becomes an important factor to note! No worries, you can be sure that you will get to watch them at ease. 
  • No account creation needed: When we go for watching movies and TV shows on a streaming platform, one of the major things that seem to be a hassle for almost all of us is the long procedure of account creation. For a lot of streaming services, this step appears to be a mandate and you seem to have absolutely no escape to it. With Movies 123, you do not require creating any account though!
  • Do not require taking any subscription: With Movies 123, you will not need to take any subscription. When we say, Movies 123 allows you to watch contents at free of cost, we actually do mean the same! 
  • Available at free of cost: When you go to the theatre for watching any show, you end up losing out a good amount of money, isn't it? With Movies 123, you need not pay out even a single penny from your pocket. 

How To Use 123Movies To Watch Movies, Shows & Series Online?

Using 123Movies is very easy as it doesn't require any setup or account registration process. The navigation is very easy and you can find almost every type of content right on the home page itself. The website adapts the screen size based on the type of device you are using so you get the same interface and feel. You just need to navigate to the home page of the 123Movies website to find content for online streaming/downloading or use the search box to find something specific. If you are visiting this website for the first time, then you might need help with it. Below we have shared a step-by-step procedure that you can follow to get started with this website.

  • Open the 123Movies website.
  • Scroll down or click on any title you want to watch.
  • You can also use the Menu Bar to go to the Movies, TV Shows, or Series category page.
  • If are looking for a specific title, then use the search box available on the website.
  • When you have found suitable content, click on it to read more about the.
  • The title page shows every information related to it.
  • Click on the Stream In HD or Download In HD button based on what you want to do.
  • Wait for a few seconds and your stream/download will start automatically.

123Movies or Similar Sites?: Why 123Movies Is The Best

While there are countless streaming websites like 123Movies available on the internet, you must prefer using 123Movies because this website has everything you will ever need to stream or download any content. It doesn't matter if you want to watch/download the latest-released movie, show, or series or one that was launched many years back. Since the website keeps itself updated based on what users are searching, you can rest assured that you will find something interesting to watch on it rather than using other 123Movies alternatives. Below we have mentioned some of the best features and a list of genres that you can find on the new 123Movies website.

  • Content of every genre - Action, comedy, biography, horror, sci-fi, mystery, animation, family, etc.
  • Know about the top-trending movies, shows, and series.
  • Custom list generation based on names.
  • Gathers content from other IPTV sites.
  • The domain redirects only to working websites.
  • Almost no cases on content unavailability.

FAQs Related To 123Movies: Watch Free Movies Online

Is 123Movies A Legal Site?

123 free movies is both a legal and not legal website depending on your usage. If you are using this website for personal use then you can use it without any worries. However, if you are thinking of using the 123 movie free downloading feature for sharing files, then you might have to deal with copyright strikes as some content is copyright-protected.

Can You Download 123Movies App For Mobile?

There is no 123Movies app available for any device. Many websites and services out there are offering the 123Movies app for Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC devices but they all are fake. Instead of using these fake apps, you can consider using other websites like 123Movies that offers the same features but with different layout and design.

What Are Some Good 123Movies Alternatives?

A lot of sites like 123Movies are available on the internet and most of them are just copying the style and content that 123 movies is using. For some reason, if you are not able to use the 123Movies website, then you can try other services like GoMovies, Movies123, SolarMovies, Soap2Day, or M4UFree without any worries.

Can You Download Movies For Free Using 123Movie Site?

Yes, if you don't want to use 123Movies HD streaming player to watch movies, shows, and series online then you can download the content from it for offline streaming. There are some services such as 123Movies downloader available but instead of using them, we will recommend you IDM (Internet Download Manager) as it can grab direct links.

How To Download Movies From 123Movies New Site?

We have seen many people out there who are worried and kept asking, what happens if you use 123Movies to download movies, shows, and series? Well, you don't have to worry about anything if you are using this website because this website doesn't store the data of the users. Also, you are not asked to provide any personal information like email, mobile number, address, name, date of birth, etc. so visitors stay completely anonymous. Remember that there are some 123Movies download Chrome extensions available that offer to download content from the 123Movies official site but all of them are fake. Instead, you can use the 123Movies current site's built-in downloader or tools like Advanced Download Manager to get the direct URL of the video files for faster downloading.

What's 123Movies New Site?

123 Movies HD keeps changing the official domain URL because of ISP blockage and copyright issues. You must stay connected with our website to find working 123Movies full movies streaming links. We are constantly working to provide information on how to watch 123Movies online free without any issues and block from the ISP.

Why This 123Movies Free Streaming Website Safer Than Others?

Almost every country out there has various broadcasting restrictions, but they also have varying penalties for disobeying those regulations. Once the regulators discover that you are accessing copyright-protected information, you are penalized heavily, although in some countries you may only receive a notice. While many free streaming sites save data of their visitors, this website does not store any type of data. Every user is free to use this website without worrying about their privacy. Instead of going for particular visitors, law enforcement agencies frequently go after those who distribute the data and that is the free streaming sites. This is the biggest reason why you must use only 123Movies new website link to watch and download your favorite movies, TV shows, and series.

How Does 123Movies Free Online Website Work?

123Movies and other sites like 123Movies have huge databases of contents saved on their own servers. While many streaming websites gather and show data from other sources, 123Movies is an exception. You can visit its dedicated 123Movies best movies page to find out the most popular movies that are being watched all around the world. While you can use the 123Movies free website without any worries, if you are facing issues in playing any video or while using the 123Movies free downloader function, then you can enable any free VPN to get all those contents without any errors. Because of geo-restrictions, some content might not show or stream in your location, so consider using a VPN with it.

Things To Understand While Using 123Movies HD Websites

Although you won't face any issues in using the 123movies home site, still, you can keep a few things in mind to stay away from any kind of error and issues. 123Movies is safe and you don't have to look for 123 free movies alternative if you use it wisely. Below we have mentioned some of the best things to keep in mind while using 123Movies latest site for watching or downloading movies, shows, and series.

  • Use only verified 123Movies legit site.
  • Do not submit your personal information on 123Movies like sites.
  • If you are on a limited internet connection, then use the 123Movies movies offline feature.
  • Consider using an ad-blocker to get a 123Movies no ads version.
  • Download the video file and use subtitles if you are facing 123Movies no sound issue.
  • Don't fall for 123Movies online downloader, there's nothing like that available.
  • You can also use 123Movies on SmartTV by Chromecast to watch movies, shows, and series on a bigger screen.
  • The 123Movies stream will work perfectly on mobile devices too like Android and iOS.
  • If the 123Movies movie site is not working, then you can ask us for 123Movies like websites.

Streaming platforms are doing amazing over the time. However, when you need to get one that will help you see all your favorite contents, trust none other than Movies 123 which offers alluring shows at the best quality. Every time you feel that you have some free time, you do not need to visit the hall and arrange movie tickets any further, you can easily connect your device to the internet and enjoy watching!